So who are we ??

We are a  company bringing many years experience to the gas market. The director , Mark Page served 4 years as a Viessmann Technical Engineer covering the South of England, prior to this he was a Viessmann contractor, so he is able to offer around 14 years experience of the superb Viessmann product.


We offer not only installation, but the crucial service of the appliance, crucial not only because of the protection of the 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger, but also you purchased this appliance for its quality, the only way to ensure it remains the quality product you chose, is to have it serviced in accordance with the instructions, not just a flue gas analysis and a quick dust off .


Whether you have a Vitodens 100 or 200 , we are able to service and carry out repairs, ,WB2B WB2C, B2HA, 222,

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fixed appointment times are available as are weekend calls at a surcharge,

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